About us

The story behind BLK FRVR

"Creativity is rarely about starting with the right thing. When you love what you do, eventually the right thing finds you. " - Us

The Poem

"Back in 2018, I was a hungry poet who had just written a book and was looking for the next big milestone. Then BOOM, a fellow creator commissions me to write a poem for his African Gala. I get to this line "If race is a part of our eternal destiny, I can't wait to be black forever" and the crowd goes stupid. BLK FRVR was instantly born! (in my head at least)" - John

Watch the Poem

On BLK Friday 2018, we launched the brand with our original messaging "I can't wait to be BLK FRVR." We pushed this one message and hoodie until the following summer. In 2019, I talked to a friend about how I felt like BLK FRVR should be talking to Atlanta specifically.

See the first BF Launch

At the height of the pandemic in 2020 and after successfully relaunching the BLK Summer t-shirt campaign in June, I called Raheem and told him that I needed his help to turn BLK FRVR into a streetwear brand. The rest is history.


Our goal is to document and amplify BLK Culture through BLK Atlanta! We're talking to natives all the time to better understand their Atlanta stories.