About us

The story behind BLK FRVR

From poetic metaphor, to worldwide movement

The Poem

"Back in 2018, I was an ambitious poet who had just written a book. And like any creative, I was looking for the next big milestone. Then BOOM, a fellow creator commissioned me to write a poem for his African Gala. As I was spitting the poem, I get to this line that says 'If race is a part of our eternal destiny, I can't wait to be black forever' and the crowd goes crazy. In my mind, BLK FRVR was born that day." - John

Watch the Poem

On BLK Friday 2018, we launched the brand with our original messaging "I can't wait to be BLK FRVR." We pushed this one message and hoodie until the following summer. In 2019, I talked to a friend about how I felt like BLK FRVR should be talking to Atlanta specifically.

See the first BF Launch

After George Floyd's murder in 2020, I received dozens of calls about new merch. People wanted something to wear to the protests. After relaunching with a summer collection that June, I called my friend & frat brother Raheem and told him that I needed his help to turn BLK FRVR into a streetwear brand. The rest is history.


Our goal is simple. To amplify BLK culture in Atlanta by uniting us under the mantras of pride, excellence and hope. Our team partners with people like you to make this a reality. Catch us at one of our events or a pop-up creating real community and spreading true Southern hospitality.